Incredible TV Console An Overlooked Key to Room Renovation

Incredible TV Console: An Overlooked Key to Room Renovation

When you first visit your friend’s home, which part of the living room do you usually notice first? End table? Sofa? Ceiling lamp? Green plants? Intuitively, people would first pay attention to the subject in the central position of a space or items in large sizes or bright colors. So, generally speaking, the answer is the entertainment center since it is usually arranged in the central position of people’s living rooms. 

However, the TV console, a furnishing that plays a decisive role in keynoting our space’s style, vibe, and function, is usually overlooked when people plan to décor or renovate their room. This text will discuss how a TV console should work appropriately in interior renovation or design. 

If you just have a blanked, dusty TV cabinet that you don’t know what to do with and hesitate to throw out or not, or you are about to decorate your empty house but don’t know where to start. Take 5 minutes to read this passage to get some inspiration. A correct first step would lead you on a smooth ride in building your ideal habitat.  

Part I. Start the style constitution from your TV stand 

A TV console is usually large and takes center stage in a room. Therefore, when we conjure the room décor plan, especially the style constitution, starting from the console would hardly go wrong. 

1.1. Let the TV console keynote your home style

If you have a specific preferred décor style, set your first foot on nailing down the TV Stand in this style; then match the rest of the fitments based on it, which is unlikely to deviate from your original vision. 

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For example, you adore the natural style, hoping to reside in a cabin-like house. Then you can screen out wood, farmhouse, or cabin-style TV consoles and first select a TV Console. Then all you need to do is to look for fitments that are harmonious with it. Such a first step can help you quickly target your space’s primary style, sparing you from the trouble of reconciling all of the furnishings from no scratch. 

Furthermore, if you have no idea which style you want, such a method can also work for you. You can browse pictures of TV stands in model houses, determining your preference through the TV stand in certain styles instead of through thousands of perfect home pictures to get lost. It is because it is relatively authentic and explicit when a specific style is presented on furniture in large sizes. Your preference would usually come from your instinct instead of the skill of a photographer or interior designer.    

1.2 Before throwing away, why not give it another chance? – Formular to renovate your TV stand 

Likewise, if you have a dated living room full of old furnishings, renovating it from the TV stand is also a wise choice. However, buying a new TV stand is not the only choice, especially when yours is still solid and large enough to accommodate your TV. Throwing it out is a total waste. Encouraging consumption has never been our goal. We are convinced that building a soothing, restful living space is by no means on pure money spending.

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No matter outfits or interior design, the proper application of décor or garniture can sometimes unexpectedly get twice the result with half the effort or even putting soul into your work. An ingenious decoration or adaptation is sometimes just like a reborn of your house. Here, we will introduce you to a universal formula to décor or renovate your TV stand that can get instant results. 

Step 1. Décor with ornaments—— Green plants are the best decor. 

Thousands of items can serve as decoration on your TV stand or console; however, if there is only one I can choose, it must be plants. It is not just because of personal preference. It has 3 irreplaceable prons: 

· Plants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which is the top choice to construct the sense of spatial hierarchy. Meanwhile, you can always find a breed that suits your taste and the space around your TV console. Additionally, though in different shapes, plants can easily achieve visual harmony when put together. 

For example, if your console has spacious free space, you can choose 2-3 bonsai at different heights to fill the blank, such as arrowroot, succulent, philodendron, or cyclamen. While if your console has limited space, then arranging a tall, tree-like plant such as a lyrata or a monstera deliciosa beside it is also an excellent option to enrich the sense of geometric hierarchy of your local space.

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· Nothing can be better than a plant if you want to add vibrancy, a soothing or welcoming vibe to your space. With beautiful flourishing plants accompanying your media center, you can relax your eyes when staring at the TV screen long-time. Furthermore, as the place to treat your friends, lush plants can make your visitors feel more relaxed and cozy to stay in your space and thus become closer to you.  

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· Plants are good friends of almost any other décor. Whether there are frames, artwork, prototypes, loudspeaker boxes, or anything on your console, they can be visually harmonious with a plant. Or, find a particular plant to stay concordant with it. 

In other words, if you want to change the presence of your TV stand most straightforwardly and cost-effectively, the plants are your best choice.  

Step 2. Repaint, Wallpaper, or a Table Cloth

If you do not satisfy with your TV stand’s color and texture, you can consider repainting. Changing color can sometimes give a TV stand a new life. However, we know that this is not an easy option. So here are another two.

One, wallpaper your TV stand. Wallpapers are in rich colors, patterns, or even textures. Compared with paint, it provides you with wider choices. Besides, the operation is cleaner and enjoys a higher error tolerance. 

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While if you think wallpaper is also not simple enough, here is another option, covering your stand with beautiful cloth. The theory is just the same as the tablecloth. It is not only cost-effective but also easy to perform. All you need to do is match your table console with a cloth and determine the suitable size. 

Part II. Extra functions decide your user’s experience

All of the TV stands enjoy a similar role: accommodating your TV. So where is the difference? The answer is the extra functions and detailed designs. Here we propose two TV stand designs that can significantly affect your user or even your living experience. 

2.1 Storage & Display

Some TV stands have storage functions, which is not news. But I am still going to talk about it. If your budget allows, or you are hesitating between a storage cabinet and one with a minimal structure, I strongly recommend the one with storage. The reason is pretty simple. Most of us will have more belongings and gadgets as we inhabit somewhere for years. A minimal TV stand will not give you minimal space. It will only create significant storage requirements.

Additionally, some TV consoles embrace open storage shelves, a practical design. Even if you don’t usually watch your TV, this console can also serve as a display shelf for your collection. 

Moreover, a TV console with storage compartments or shelves can also serve as a storage cabinet in other rooms or scenarios, which is also cost-effective. 

2.2 Specific Space for Electric Fireplace

If you live in a country or region with distinct seasons, a TV console that can house an electric fireplace can be your sunshine on cold days. Some TV consoles have flexible storage space. When necessary, adjust or remove the shelf partition to accommodate a fireplace. After all, on freezy winter days, nobody can refuse to watch fantastic TV shows in a toasty room with families, friends, and puppies, which is absolutely an effective medicine in curing bad season emotions.

So this is about how TV stands appropriately work in your interior design. If you have any good suggestions or experience, welcome to share them with us~

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