In Their Room with Kelly Wearstler

Designer Kelly Wearstler designs a children’s library

Design maven extraordinaire Kelly Wearstler is one stylish mom with a namesake line that covers fashion, accessories, and interiors. As the mother of two boys, Wearstler has parlayed her impeccable taste and ingenuity into creating a room in her home completely devoted to children’s books. With all the television and video game screens consuming the youth of this generation, it’s great to see a fabulously designed space completely devoted to the written word. So how did Wearstler put together her children’s library?

“The design is simple in keeping with the changing needs of growing boys. Presently the books are all outward facing, providing easy access and lots of color. As their interests grow, the shelves will likely be more crowded and have a greater variety of objects, not just books,” Wearstler said. “The soft teal color of the shelves combined with a simple chevron patterned carpet is a fun and fitting look for young boys but will age nicely as they grow older. The large black and white ottoman adds a strong graphic element.”

Great advice if you ask us!