Irish Baby Names 10 Best Girls and Boys Irish Baby Names

Give your newborn a little luck with these Irish baby names.

Picking your baby’s name is one of the most challenging decisions you have make during your pregnancy. What factors do you consider when picking a name? Heritage, friendships, or nothing but chance? No matter how you decide on a name, we think we might have a few contenders today. Since St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, we created a list of beautiful Celtic baby names to honor the Irish culture. This list will surely give you a few ideas to consider whether you’re Irish or not. Click on the slideshow to see our favorite Irish baby names, along with their meanings. Good luck!

Girl: famous or fair shoulders

Boy: wise and intelligent

Girl: merry; cheerful

Boy: fiery

Wynn or Wynne
Unisex: white; fair; handsome

Unisex: dark

Boy: champion

Boy: strong fighter

Boy: choice

Unisex: peace; from Ireland

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