Countdown to the Best Irish Blogs

Irish Blog #10
Nessa’s Family Kitchen is a treasure trove of kid-friendly recipes and gorgeous photos. Nessa is a 34 year old mother of 4 living with her husband in Moate, Westmeath, Ireland. Her tips for cooking with children are brilliant and solidify her on our list of favorites.

Irish Blog #9
Photographer Jen Davis displays her latest photo shoots and pictures of her kids on her personal blog
. I love the short details she includes about her life. Makes me feel like she’s my friend! Check out her children galleries to get a sense of the beautiful landscapes found in Ireland.

Irish Blog #8
Evin O’Keeffe’s blog 40 Shades of Life, is the go-to blog to learn everything you’ll want to know about the large city of Cork, Ireland. Click here to check out her extensive list of attractions, restaurants, and stores in Cork.

Irish Blog #7
Emerald Pie is the brain child of Ellie, a working mom of two living in the western Ireland. The blog is a mix of herrambling thoughts on parenting, life in general, music, travel, Ireland and anything else that comes into her head. It’s a fun read!

Irish Blog #6
While Wise Words is an overall stand out, the highlight sections for me are the Kitchen and the When in Galway. If you want learn how to make recipes or escape to the beautiful city of Galway, this is one of my favorite resources.

Irish Blog #5
Take a deep breath and relax as you enter the blog Milk Moon. It’s written by Ciara, a wife and mom of 4 living in a little cottage on the sea in Wicklow, about an hour south of Dublin. The photos of her life are idealic and usually involve swinging from trees. She is truly living a beautiful life.

Irish Blog #4
If your looking for a professional images of Irish home life, Allegria the Blog is the place to go. Photographers Aine and Mark created the blog as a place to share their work and inspire readers. Their kids photography  gives a wonderful sense of Irland’s landscape. Bonus: They also feature weddings!

Irish Blog #3
Warm & Snug & Fat does just what it’s namesake describes: makes you feel welcomed to Irish life. While most of the posts are set in her kitchen in the west of Ireland, she sometimes ventures out to local gems in her town. Read her recipe for Confit Irish Lamb  and you might walk away singing a traditional Irish folk song!

Irish Blog #2
If we were making a list of funniest Irish blogs, Ouch My Fanny Hurts would surely make the number one spot. What she lacks in pictures, she gains in the witty stories about parenthood. This site reminds me of what blogs originally started out: online journals. It is a honest peak into an Irish life that will having your laughing and nodding, “That’s so true!”.

Irish Blog #1
Edible Ireland is the gold medal of Irish Blogs! Not only does author Kristin take her own amazing photos and share secret recipes, but she also includes beautiful narratives in each recipe post. Read the post Dublin Coddle to learn how to cook traditional Irish recipe, as well as learn about the culture. Her Postcards from Ireland series is also one of my favorite ways to see parts of Ireland I’m unfamiliar. Congratulations Edible Ireland!

Get a slice of Irish life through these amazing personal blogs.

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I’ve been searching for the best Irish blog. I want to know what life is like in Ireland, the secret ingredient in Irish recipes, and the best kid-friendly places to visit. What better way than to find out first hand? Check out the slide show as I countdown to the best Irish blog. Beautiful photography, good story telling, and a solid web design were factors I put into consideration when coming up with the list. While it’s composed of family blogs, anyone can learn from them all. It might just be your lucky day!