How to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

How to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk: Read And Find Out

Women can easily feel anxious and distraught merely by hearing the word “cancer.” Nevertheless, fretting is not a remedy. We suspect that breast cancer might not be entirely preventable. However, you can take steps to potentially reduce your risk.

Those predisposed to the disease, in particular, are at a higher risk.

But stay calm. We’ve got you covered and have shared different ways how you can prevent the risk of breast cancer and live a more healthy life.

Ways To Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Control Your Weight

Being overweight, especially after menopause, can raise the risk of developing breast cancer, among other types of cancer. Hence, it is suggested to do moderate exercise daily. Or ask your doctor for advice on appropriate weight-loss methods. They may recommend trying Los Angeles weight loss medicine which includes Wegovy treatment. It helps to reduce the appetite and rich weight loss goals. But before taking any weight loss supplements you will need to go through some medical checkups and tests to know whether they are applicable for you or not.

Experts suggest that maintaining a healthy weight can lower breast cancer risk. Furthermore, they added that breast cancer is less common in women who exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. According to breast cancer statistics, an estimated 300,590 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. by 2023. So, don’t you think you need to start working out today before it is too late? A1 Colonics Eastern Suburbs can help you detox your body and shift the toxic debris left in your digestive system

Avoid Smoking

Smoking causes at least 15 different cancers, including breast cancer, in addition to many other health hazards. Apart from this, smoke released harms nearby people too. And for women, the health risks of smoking are more adverse than men. Also, they can face additional health hazards like adverse pregnancy outcomes and increased cardiovascular risks. If you need help or assistance, visit or call 800-QUIT-NOW, which can increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Your risk of developing breast cancer rises as you consume more alcohol. When compared to men, women who drink excessively are more likely to suffer heart muscle damage and cancer risks. A daily intake of roughly 3.5 drinks increases the risk of developing esophageal, laryngeal, oral, and pharyngeal cancer. Your chance of acquiring colon and breast cancer increases by 1.5 times if you consume roughly 3.5 drinks daily. You run a lower chance of developing cancer if you drink less alcohol.

Avoid using birth control pills after age 35

Birth control tablets have both advantages and disadvantages. For younger women, there’s not much risk. There is a small increase in the risk of breast cancer among women who use birth control pills. A woman who smokes has a higher chance of developing heart disease and stroke while taking the pill. Apart from this, quitting birth control pills will decrease the risk of ovarian, colon, and uterine cancer.

Close Observation

Some doctors will advise close surveillance for women with a greater risk of breast cancer who don’t want to take medication or undergo surgery. This strategy can consist of the following:

  • Regular medical appointments can lower the risk of breast cancer.
  • Annual mammograms for breast cancer screening at a younger age.
  • Possibly including an additional screening procedure, such as a breast MRI.
  • Although this method doesn’t reduce the incidence of breast cancer, it might help detect it early when it’s probably easier to cure.

We hope that now you know about the possible ways to reduce breast cancer risk. So, start taking preventive measures today!