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How To Plan For All Weathers In California

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Living in California definitely has its perks. Warm summer sun, mild winters and awesome nature!

Even with its ideal weather conditions there are still a few things you can do to best prepare your home for every season.

Weather & Seasons

California experiences a mediterranian like climate with dry summers and mildly wet winters. Preparing your home for the hot summer months is vital if you’re looking to save on your energy bill.

Make sure your air conditioner filters are clean and free from dust so that they run as efficiently as possible. Tinted or thermal windows are a great way to beat the summer heat and save on power bills.

Harness the power of the sun by installing solar. If your home has a pool that needs heating then check out Hydro Solar technology, learn more about hydro solar by clicking the link.

House Preparations

Depending on where you live different homes will need different preparations. As you know some areas of California can experience very cold weather to the point where puddles on the ground will freeze and it will even snow.

If you live in these areas you’ll want to “winter proof” your home. Look into energy efficient heating for your home and again harness the power of the sun by installing solar.

Don’t let your water pipes freeze over by installing pipe freeze protection kits. These work by using a self regulating heat trace cable among other things to heat your pipes and stop them from freezing. Handy for those warm winter baths.

What To Wear

California gets some extreme heat in the summer months so stock up on lightweight breathable t-shirts and shorts.

California in summer is all about the outdoor lifestyle so get yourself a good pair of hiking boots and a set of swim shorts. Water skiing is a popular pastime so prep for that and bring a few layers of clothing when heading out on the adventure.

L.A is a fashionable city and while swimwear is acceptable at the beach and surrounding restaurants that’s a different story for Hollywood Blvd. Dress for the occasion by wearing a nice button down shirt, trousers and dress shoes.

Check out the table below for a quick weather guide.


Car Preparations

Your car is a vital tool, it gets you from A to B and back again. In today’s world it’s almost impossible to live without a car. Making sure you have done the right preparations is important to get it running safely.

A poorly looked after car can cause major failure and worse still leave you needing a new car. A huge unexpected expense that you might have been able to avoid. If you’ve run into car troubles you might have to take a motor vehicle bond to pay for them.

These unexpected expenses can have a huge financial impact on you or your family and are often avoidable.

Check your oil regularly, rotate your tyres, use the recommended fuel and if you notice a new noise have it checked out right away, don’t wait for it to get worse!