Hot Headscarf Tying Techniques

There’s something about spring and the start of festival season that always gets us thinking about scarves. They’re breezy and light and always add a little flair to any outfit. You can tie one kerchief-style around the back of your head for a retro, 1950s feel, or tie it around your forehead to channel a free-spirited bohemian. We’ve turned to some serious celebrity inspiration for how to wear a headscarf before we hit up Coachella.

Some of our favorite moments are from years ago, but they haven’t lost their appeal. Take, for example, Nicole Richie. She wore scarves frequently in the early aughts, and though her style has evolved considerably since then, we’re still obsessed with those tying techniques. Then there’s Katy Perry, who twisted her’s into a feminine bow for Coachella in 2011, and Alessandra Ambrosio, who rocked a scarf like Captain Jack Sparrow.