How to Store Winter Clothes So That They’re Ready for the Next Polar Vortex

Up until this point, we’ve been hesitant to definitively pack away our winter clothes. One day it’s sixty degrees and sunny, the next we’re greeted by a fresh coat of morning sleet. Our winter garb has remained in rotation well past its welcome. I for one may just burn all my cold-weather clothes once the lows crawl up past 50 degrees.

In the back of my mind, though, I know that come next November all the sweaters, fuzzy accessories and perhaps even my now signature puffy jacket will be sorely missed if I decide to pull a Fahrenheit 451 on my winter wardrobe. Plus, there is something to be said for the feeling of promise that comes with unpacking heavier clothes after time and distance have made the heart grow fonder. However, the only way you’ll have that “Christmas has come early” feeling when you rescue your gear from hibernation is if you store it under the right conditions. If not, you’re liable to be welcomed by mold growth, mildew stains or even holes made by minuscule pests (ick).