Plump It Up–The Best Plumping Beauty Products

A few weeks ago, I noticed a faint, fine line on my upper lip.

In the same quick glance in the mirror, I also thought my forehead looked lined with worry. After years of living in a cave-like, ground floor apartment with little light, I’d recently moved to a third-floor flat with gorgeous, streaming sunshine in every room. Had I been missing these lines in our cave-like old place?

I’d never given a thought to aging, but here it was–staring back at me. And while I don’t think I’ll ever get injected with Botox, spend $200 on wrinkle cream, or try some outrageous “miracle” cure, I have started thinking about how the right kind of skin care and cosmetics could probably make these early signs of aging seem a lot less conspicuous as I approach my mid-thirties and become a mother of two (my second child is due later this year).

My first line of defense? Products that aim to plush up and plump my lips and skin. Take one look at Scarlett Johansson’s voluptuous lips and smooth, shapely cheekbones and tell me this–is that gal ever going to look like she’s aging? Doubtful.

To the drugstore and Sephora I went, with juicy, glossy lips and smooth, plump skin in my sights. My resulting picks are all easy to incorporate into my (practically non-existent) beauty regimen, crafted mostly from non-scary incredients, and all yield naturally dewy, gorgeous results.