Here Are 11 Amazing Ways to Look Fashionable and More Approachable

Here Are 11 Amazing Ways to Look Fashionable and More Approachable

Many of us struggle with the idea of dressing in a fashionable and presentable way. In fact, things become worse when you get those little notes concerning themes and dress codes for an event or a particular day. Most times people will make an opinion of you depending on how you present yourself and these opinions are made within the first few minutes when people meet. How you talk or the way you dress can always make a difference. The dressing is often an expression of who you are. You will rarely dress in things that do not make you feel comfortable. In fact, you are bound to dress in things that make you feel great and confident hence slightly exposing the kind of personality you have. So, as long as you smile and dress well, you become more approachable.

On top of that, you don’t need to sacrifice your taste in style. Being fashionable and approachable is not about wearing expensive clothes on-trend. It involves knowing how to match your pieces and add accessories to build your look. So, if you are searching for ideas to dress to be approachable and fashionable, here is what you should do.

Stay Neat

The rule of thumb for looking fashionable and friendly is being neat. Poor hygiene can destroy your appearance and make you less socially desirable. Therefore, maintain a mature and stable look by doing your hair and wearing stylish and clean clothes. Don’t forget the nails too.

Know How to Coordinate Colors

You can look fashionable by wearing several colors. Pick two or three colors and add accessories to complete your outfit. Proper color coordination will help you look elevated, irrespective of your chosen style.

Choose Soft Fabrics

Soft fabrics can also make you look fashionable and friendly because they look cuddly than tough fabrics like leather. So, if you want a way to look less aggressive, wear cotton o chiffon clothes and skip leather, satin, or suede.

Dress in Layers

Layering is the secret to building your outfit and looking great in almost everything. Wearing one piece can break your outfit. So, consider layering to give your clothes a unique look. For instance, you can wear a jacket over a mesh shirt or a dress. Think about how you can layer different pieces for a unique look.

Upgrade Your Footwear

The shoes you pick can build or ruin your entire look. Therefore, be careful when choosing your footwear. Take some time to select the pair of shoes that will blend in with your outfit. It is also a great idea to change things up. If you are used to wearing sneakers, consider switching them with a pair of open-toe heels the next time you wear your mini-skirt or any dress.

Wear Pastels

Keep things soft, from outfit silhouette to colors, voice, and fabrics. Consider wearing bright colors like pastels to make your look friendly. Many people perceive light colors as warm and informal and dark colors as formal and authoritative. You may look influential if you wear black and white clothes. So, wearing bright-colored clothes is the best way to achieve an approachable look. They express confidence and are less threatening.

Wear Matching Pieces

A simple way of looking approachable and chic is by wearing matching pieces. Any matching pieces that coordinate well will help you look fashionable. Whether you have a pantsuit, a knit set, or a sweatsuit, you can make a style statement. Make sure you pick the right shoes and accessories for the set.

Wear Clothes with Round Necklines

Another way to look less intimidating and fashionable is by wearing round necklines. Go for rounded necklines instead of stiff collar tops or a zipper.

Wear Sunglasses

If you dress up and feel as if your outfit is missing something you can put your finger on, there is a high chance you can complete that with a pair of sunglasses. Invest in high-quality sunglasses to complete your outfits and give you the classy look you want. Make sure the pair of glasses you pick will coordinate with your outfit.

Wear Different Textures

As mentioned, wearing soft fabrics can make you look more friendly and fashionable. However, you can also improve the look by mixing textures. Wear a leather skirt with a silk top. You might realize how super chic the combination can be. You can also wear bold colors if that is what you like, or choose the same shade to make the texture subtle.

Tuck in Your Tops

Whether you are wearing a collared shirt, a tank top, or a sweater top, it can be a great idea to tuck it in for a more symmetrical look. You don’t need to tuck it down. Hold the front part and loosely tuck it in. Ensure you don’t put too much effort, so you don’t ruin your look.


There are many ways to look stylish and friendly at the same time. However, you must take time to pick the proper outfit and coordinating accessories. Personal grooming and posture are also vital.