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Healthy Recipes for Icy Summer Treats Your Kids Will Love

dr randy pagenkopf healthy summer treats 600x400 1
Fruits and berries yogurt mixed ice cream popsicles

Ice-cold treats are one of the hallmarks of summer (cue the Mister Softee chimes), as are the bounty of fresh fruit and berries. So how do you convince your kids to eat more of the fresh-fruit variety vs. the creamy, corn-syrup-laden ones? By sneaking them into homemade popsicles.

While the store-bought pops are an obvious and covenient option, we’ve found that whipping up our own takes very little time—especially if you have a food processor or blender. Plus, the results taste light years beyond the sugary, sticky mess of a push-pop or freezie squeezy.

All you need are a few simple tools, some simple recipe guidelines, a few bunches of your favorite fruit and some water or yogurt. Oh, and don’t forget a few pairs of small hands to help you out—but we’re sure those will be easy to come by.