Create These Thanksgiving Nail Designs for the Upcoming Holiday

81If only our Thanksgiving dinner preparations looked something like this:

However, the turkey rinsing, seasoning, oiling, stuffing, roasting, basting (you get the idea) process is a whole day-long to-do, and we haven’t even gotten to side dishes and stuffing yet.

It’s important not to forget what the holiday is really about, especially with all the hustle and bustle of relatives arriving, the pressure to cook an extraordinary meal, and the added stress of having the kids home from school for the duration of the madness. Take some time out of your hectic cooking and cleaning schedule to kick back with the kids (perhaps throw on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving), feel grateful for your blessings (which are sometimes, admittedly, disguised), and cherish time with your family (yes, even your mother-in-law). If you feel so inclined, a little lesson on contemporary Native Americans, individual tribes, tolerance, and colonialism might be in order, though you might not want to put a damper on the mood.

As you well know, one of our favorite mother-daughter bonding activities here at Elizabeth Street is a festive manicure. When it comes to Thanksgiving nail designs, we like to stay away from stereotypical “First Thanksgiving” symbols. However, we’re all for odes to edibles. So, before your kids have bits of turkey wedged under their nails, give ‘em a cute food-themed mani to match. Perhaps, in the interest of nail preservation, they’ll keep their hands to themselves (and out of the pie platter) before dinner on the big day. Perhaps.