Marissa Kraxberger’s Summer Arts and Crafts for Kids

Although I’m a creative type by trade, I often find it hard to come up with fun summer arts and crafts for kids’ projects that are easy to do when I get home from work or for something quick on Saturday morning.

All of our art projects take place at this little craft table that we got the kids. The best part is that we covered the top with chalkboard paint so that you can draw on it with chalk, too.

My favorite art project to do with the kids is simply painting. I get oversized pads of finger painting paper and pull out a rainbow assortment of paints and jumbo paint brushes (fingers work well, too) and then I sit down with them to paint. I think a blank sheet of paper is the most exciting way to see what their little minds dream up.

Another quick trick I have for art projects is readymade kits. ALEX toys makes some of my favorites, from paper plate bugs to pop stick art, they have a variety of kits that are fun and easy for toddlers.

If your little ones have a knack for story telling, a really fun way to encourage their creativity is through collage. I’m sure that, like me, most of you have stacks of fashion magazines hidden away on a shelf or in a basket. Pull out a handful along with some kid-safe scissors, glue and construction paper. Flip through the pages with your little one and let them pick out some objects or people to cut out. Glue these down on the paper and start to tell a story through images. If your child is older they can also cut out letters to incorporate words into the story. This project is great to do after you come back from a trip. Have your child describe the trip visually through a collage. This project is easily adaptable for ages 2 to 10.