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Sports betting apps are platforms for sports fans and punting enthusiasts to indulge themselves. These apps provide all necessary details on games, teams and their players, player track-records, and the odds for different types of sports. In Australia odds for sports like AFL & NRL are quite popular. Online Odds allow people to make informed decisions when wagering on these sports.

Sport betting apps provide everything you need to research & place bets. It includes all the odds, markets, team and player stats of a game etc.

One of the most awaited sporting events in Australia is the AFL or Australian Football League matches. Punters can try their hand, in the coming days, by placing bets on different games and/or players.

Popular Apps like Sportsbet even have a dedicated blog that keeps people updated on sports’ latest news and events.

Every punter knows that information is gold, especially if it is reasonable and validated information. Blogs on sports betting apps report the latest news backed up by trusted and authentic sources, guaranteeing the news’s authenticity, with this information, punters can predict probabilities and place their bets.


After the dramatic 2020 season, everyone is eagerly looking forward to the 2021 season, just around the corner. Betting markets are already underway, with bookmakers and sports betting apps releasing future markets for people to wager.

Here are some of the teams that are predicted to make it big this time around.


Geelong made it to the finals last season, and faced a mighty competitor in Richmond, who ended up taking the glory. Using last year’s statistics, even though Geelong didn’t win the finals, their team has strong players undoubtedly capable of getting the win. Missing the win by a hair’s breadth last time will only motivate them further. Sports betting apps place Geelong at 5.50 today (11th of March 2021) (Keep in mind this number might chance in the future)

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide comprised some of the best players and was a favourite all through the 2020 season. They had an excellent streak that somewhat fizzled off during the playoffs, resulting in three losses. Most sports betting apps still have faith in the team and have placed them with odds of 7.00 (11th of March 2021) (Keep in mind this number might change in the future), solely for their stellar performance last year.


Brisbane had consistent performances throughout last year’s season. They played with the best of their strength and did well in both the playoffs and the regular season matches. This season, with better form, they are perfectly positioned to take home the glory. Aussie sports betting apps give them odds of 7.00 (11th of March 2021) (Keep in mind this number might change in the future).


Richmond took home the cup last year with their mind-blowing performance and unexpected power play. This year around, sports betting apps give them odds of 4.50 (11th of March 2021) (Keep in mind this number might change in the future). Most footy fans expect them to repeat titles.

West Coast Eagles

With their fall in the first huddle against Collington, the Eagles sealed their fate last season. Their fall may have shattered the team’s morale, leading to their lesser than expected performance. Nevertheless, this team stands to make a grand comeback this season, with sports betting apps placing odds for the Eagles at 9.00 (11th of March 2021) (Keep in mind this number might change in the future)