Yogurt Might Just Be a Life-Changing Ingredient

Sure, you love it at breakfast and as a snack to scoop up in your work cube, but yogurt is more than just a convenient dairy source. Probiotics, the healthy live bacteria in fermented foods like yogurt, just may be the source of your future good health. Evidence continues to mount about the all the benefits of probiotics, including boosting immunity and aiding digestive health. If you’re expecting, this friendly bacteria may reduce the risk of preeclampsia, a condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure.

But the best part is the eating: yogurt choices abound at the grocery store, with more options than ever before, including Greek, Skyr, Swiss, kefir and plain ol’ cups from the US. After you’ve stocked up on your faves, the next step is incorporating the good-for-you ingredient into meals. Whet your appetite with the eight ideas in the slideshow above.