Whitewashed Décor Ideas To Give Your Home That Scandinavian Look

Scandinavian home décor is all about minimalist design and rustic charm. The idea of a quaint cottage in the woods piled high with books begging to be read, white sofas perfect for lounging and lots of natural wood furnishings sounds idyllic, right? It’s also the farthest thing this city-dweller can imagine at the moment. That said, urbanites don’t have to have to venture to the countryside to achieve the same relaxed, amiable feeling that comes with these homes.

The technique of applying a coat of white paint—read: whitewashing—on either edifices or pieces of furniture has been a used throughout the years for an old-world feeling. Some of the best items on store shelves have already done the job for you, but if you fancy yourself a Martha Stewart in the making, a bucket of titanium white, paint brushes and a couple of hours on the weekend will have your home looking like it came straight from Stockholm.

Nichola Hunt

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