Welcome to Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

We’re thrilled to be heading to two vibrant, exciting cities in the Emirates for our latest city guide: Abu Dhabi and Dubai. A melting pot of international cultures and lively, expat life, these cities together boast the best of the best: culinary hot spots; picturesque, white sand beaches; ultra-luxurious hotels, out-of-this-world shopping, and non-stop entertainment for kids and adults alike. Plus, there’s all that stuff from your wildest dreams–from manmade islands to the world’s tallest building, to sunset desert safaris, and indoor skiing.

Explore the cities through the eyes of some of the chicest, most go-getter moms we’ve met. In-the-know ladies, like Harper’s Bazaar Arabia editor-in-chief Louise Nichol, travel writer Kim Hopkins, and uber-hip boutique owner Dalia Sadiq take us on a tour through the best places to enjoy with your family. Through their recommendations, discover outrageous theme parks like Ferrari World, expertly curated shopping destinations like Comptoir 102, and places to relax and get away from it all, like Creekside Park.

“I love the cosmopolitan nature of Dubai. In addition to its increasing business importance, Dubai is a big playground with the biggest, fastest, first, tallest, only…of many things in the world,” says local blogger Heidi Raeside.

Check out our city guide to get to know these fabulous Emirati metropolises, where history meets the future and the buzz and excitement of these world cities will have you wanting to make them your next fabulous vacation destination!