Affordable Home Décor Must-Haves to Give Your Place a Seasonal Spruce

Are you the designated host for the holiday season and want to show off your decorating chops to the in-laws? Or now that homebody season has arrived you want to deck the halls with some new pieces whose sight you’re not sick of? Whatever the reason behind your urge to give your humble abode some seasonal updates, sprucing up doesn’t need to cut into your budget for Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday shopping, or Christmas gifts.

We consulted Susie Kurkowski, interior designer extraordinaire and owner of Brooklyn-based interior design store Items of Interest, along with one of our favorite DIY blogs, She Knows, for some tips for affordable and hassle-free redecorating.

From fashionable throws to clever use of wall space, click through the slideshow above for our affordable home décor must-haves, and find out how and why they work.