Want Two-Tone Hair Color Like Sienna Miller’s? Here’s How

Although we’ve watched the ombré hair trend recede into the distance over the past year (and without much remorse—it had a long, respectable run) the days of dye are by no means over. From Kate Moss’ pink locks circa her 1998 shoot with Juergen Teller to Rachel McAdams’ and January Jones’ short-lived blush highlights to Gwen Stefani’s electric pink coif in the days of Tragic Kingdom, chic two-tone hair color is here to stay.

While it may have been awhile since we’ve seen rose on the red carpet, Sienna Miller changed all that at the 2013 British Fashion Awards when she showed up sporting perfectly peach-colored hair to complement her emerald Burberry Prorsum gown.

How do we add a touch of playfulness and edge to our look like Sienna? The answer might surprise you. Morgan McInnes, hair expert and colorist at Warren-Tricomi Salon in The Plaza Hotel, gave us this insider tip: “Manic Panic or Special Effects hair dyes are your best bet.” Yes, the brands you associate with your teenage rebellion stage can be made couture. “For baby pink (or any muted shade) mix the color with conditioner. This dilutes the dye, giving you that great pastel-looking hue.”

All you need to do is grab a tub of one of these dyes (for Sienna’s pastel pink, use Manic Panic’s Pretty Flamingo) and a bottle of your preferred conditioner. Combine one part dye with ten parts conditioner and mix thoroughly. Then smooth the product throughout your hair, and let it sit for the length of processing time specified on the dye container. Rinse off the mixture with cold water, and admire your new ‘do.