Explore Another Culture With These DIY Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me you might still be shopping for last-minute gifts and adding the final touches to your Christmas décor. This craft would make a beautiful DIY ornament for your tree or even a unique handmade gift.

These traditional Finnish Christmas ornaments are called Himmelis. They are usually made from straw, but I decided to make mine from paper straws in black, white and grey colors. Paper straws come in all shades and patterns, so these ornaments could easily be made to match your holiday décor scheme. I love the simple yet striking geometric design of the Himmeli.  The ornaments are so simple and quick to make that you can easily finish them in time for Christmas. Here’s a full video tutorial to get you started.  Just a little warning:  Making Himmeli ornaments can become addictive!