VeryMeri: Clothes for Kids, by Kids

Creativity and charity are the keys behind this new line.

Finding clothing for kids is no easy task, and finding great garments that also pay it forward sometimes feels next to impossible. Enter VeryMeri: A new line of clothing for kids that is designed by children themselves, and that conveys messages of peace, love, and confidence.

The brainchild of an elementary school teacher who was upset by the negative messages she often saw on her students’ clothing, VeryMeri encourages children to submit drawings with positive messages through its website. Winning designs are then put on clothes for kids (currently, the site is selling hoodies, iPad cases, and slap watches). A percentage of sales goes to a charity of the child’s choice, or to The Art of Elysium—a non-profit that introduces artists to children who suffer from serious medical conditions.

Providing children across the country with an incentive to be creative is a great thing, and the fact that tons of kids get to see their designs valued, marketed, and then applied to charity makes VeryMeri an obvious choice when it comes to clothes for kids. The organization encourages creativity for kids, while also instilling in them a sense of social consciousness. We think there are few things chicer than that.