Family Night: NBC’s Family-Themed Fall TV Shows

A whole night devoted to family television series means big bucks for major networks—ABC has really cashed in on their Wednesday night lineup with The Middle, Family Tools, Modern Family and How to Live with My Parents. These family-oriented half-hour comedies have brought in big ratings for the Disney-owned broadcast network, and have garnered many Emmy nominations and wins. Now, it seems that NBC is jumping on the family bandwagon too—its famed Must See TV Thursday night lineup has been lagging since shows like Friends, Will & Grace and Fraiser bid adieu, but the peacock network has set its sights on reclaiming the night by targeting families.

In the past few weeks, networks have announced their upcoming fall TV shows. Some have been renewed, some have been canceled and some are brand new, having received the green light to join other fall tv shows come September. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, joining the family-themed Parenthood will be freshman shows Welcome to the Family and Sean Saves the World, along with senior shows like Parks and Creation, which is now in its sixth season. A string of family-themed television in one night? For moms, it really is must-see TV.