Three Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Star Flowers
To create this look, use a #16 tip to apply small flowers around the entire cupcake. Then place small dots with a #4 tip. Though time consuming, the effect is adorable. It makes a great background to any cupcake.

This is a simple flower that needs a #74 tip. If you look closely at this tip, you’ll see it has a small indentation near the top. Make sure the indentation is facing down so the petals don’t look like leaves. Apply more pressure as you first start to form the petal, and pull away. Complete the flower by adding a dot to the center using a #4 tip.

Creating Leaves
We used a #67 to create the leaves. Apply a lot of pressure as you first start to squeeze the icing out and slightly bob your hand to create ripples as you pull out. You might want to practice this on a plate first!

Basket Weave
This is somewhat of an advanced technique that uses your #47 tip. Check out this guide by Wilton for step-by-step instructions. It’s the perfect cupcake decorating idea to learn before Easter!

Last week I posted the beginners’ guide to cupcake decorating. And now that you’ve mastered the basic techniques, I’m going to show you a few simple cupcake decorating ideas. Gather your supplies and get ready to learn how to make three super simple cupcake decorations—frosting flowers included. Make these cupcakes for an Easter party and you’ll be the star.