These Picnic Finger Foods Will Make For a Memorable, Moveable Feast

Picnics are often impromptu affairs. And if this winter has taught us anything, it’s that weather is a fickle friend. When the sky opens up and the sun finally shines down, you can bet we’re seizing the opportunity for the kids to expend their restless energy while we soak in some vitamin D. Into our picnic basket goes whatever portables are in the fridge—fruit cups, turkey slices on multigrain bread, nothing fancy.

Occasionally, though, it’s nice to hold a premeditated outdoor banquet with friends and their little ones, and put together a spread of fancier fare than carrot sticks and PB&Js. We’re not talking anything too messy or elaborate. It’s got to fit in a cooler and be relatively spill-proof, lest the six-year-old knocks something over and makes the surrounding fauna very happy. To wit: We’ve gathered together eleven of our favorite picnic finger foods. With some light shopping, a little effort, and half an hour or less for assembly, you can create a delicious moveable feast that that’ll please adults and children alike. Forget about hitting up the local prepared food shops. Save your money for white wine and plastic to-go cups (and pick a park that’s within walking distance).