The 10 Best Bronzers for a UV-Free Spring Glow

If the fair weather caught you and your dull complexion by surprise, don’t fret; you’re not alone. While it may be tempting to deepen your natural tone by basking in the sun’s refreshingly warm rays, a spring glow really isn’t worth the aftereffects of UV exposure. Instead, do your skin a service and slather on that sunscreen, but top it off with a touch of bronzer.

The key word being touch. If you over–or unevenly–apply the metallic-toned stuff, you’ll end up looking muddy and patchy as opposed to luminous and sun-kissed. For a believable look, opt for a color with hints of your natural skin tone, and go no more than one shade darker. If you’re fair-skinned, choose a color with underlying peach tones. If you’re darker-skinned, a product with golden undertones will better complement your complexion. Furthermore, stick with products that are sheer as opposed to matte (or else you’ll just wind up looking dirty).

When it comes to application, always use a big, fluffy makeup brush (You basically want to avoid over-concentration at all costs). Tap off any excess product before the brush hairs even touch your face. Then, swipe the product over your temples and along your cheekbones, as if you were applying blush. With what remains on the brush, lightly highlight your nose, chin and hairline. You may also want to lightly swipe some product along your neck and around your ears if you’re sporting an updo. For a more glam, evening-appropriate look, go all out and give your shoulders and arms a subtle glow as well.