These Fall Makeup Looks Are Simple, Wearable, and Stunning

In the same vein as fall’s newest hair trends, the top makeup trends of the season require minimal effort, much to our relief. They all seem to revolve around making us feel comfortable in the skin we’re already in. That is to say, the aim is to subtly highlight our natural features, without any overly dramatic changes, for a façade that seems almost makeup-free.

Even the more eye-catching looks—a touch of bronze or orange eye shadow, a Bordeaux lip, sweeping cat eyes—can be as understated or bold as you’d like. There’s nothing like a wearable trend that easily transitions from day to night, with just an extra dab of lip sheer and another pass of the eyeliner brush. Envision your tried-and-true, laid-back morning beauty routine, only slightly pepped up.

And speaking of celebrating our natural assets, our favorite new beauty line for fall prides itself on its use of environmentally and biologically-friendly materials in all of its cosmetics and creams. Beautycounter aims to “educate families about the need for safer chemicals and products, and work to bring about much needed change to the beauty industry—and to our lives.” The organization works in conjunction with groups like The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Healthy Child Healthy World, and The Environmental Working Group to advocate for better consumer choices. With their line of lip sheers and face exfoliators, you don’t have to worry about incidentally ingesting any unwanted chemicals. Plus, if your little girl wants to play dress-up or needs a tinted lip to complete her Halloween look, there’s no (safety) reason not to indulge her.