The World’s Best Baby Gear

LITTLEPHANT Stroller, Sweden
Swedish brand Littlephant’s collaboration with pram-maker Kronan has yielded a seriously stylish stroller. We’re wishing we were pushing this guy here in New York.

NATHI Changing Table, Poland
This molded plywood drop-down changing table has all the charm of a classic Eames chair, with the added bonus of leaving precious floorspace free. The matching diaper dispenser is the heartbreaking, why-can’t-it-be-ours clincher.

BAMBOL Bouncer, Australia
Colorful, cozy, and utterly stylish, this bamboo bouncer by Bombol makes every rainforesty lounger we’ve seen here in the U.S. seem utterly passé. Perhaps well worth the nearly 24 hour flight to Australia-with a child in tow.

NORDIC KIDS Highchair, Great Britain
Beyond practical, this high chair also functions as a stool, meaning it’s always available as a seat for someone, big or little. Oh, and it’s also totally gorgeous. Sigh.

GOOSEPAPOOSE Papoose, France
Utterly snuggly and beautiful, this cozy papoose seems much more glamorous than the stroller bags available Stateside.  And we kind of want one for ourselves, too.

NOBODINOZ Play Mats, Spain
Who needs a bouncy castle when you have these adorable play mats for playing Princess and the Pea? They’d also be smart for outdoor picnics and afternoons by the pool.

The World’s Best Baby Gear

From a plush baby papoose to a sleek home changing table, these are the international goods we want.

The grass is, as they say, always greener on the other side. Lately we’re finding—thanks to cool global hunting modes like Pinterest—that there’s a whole world of awesome kids and baby stuff out there that is frustratingly out of our reach.  Lack of international shipping, translating (ever surf a Danish website? We’re not exactly sure what fodtøj means either, but dang those search results are cool!), and no representation here in the U.S. means that we’re missing out on a ton of neat gear that mamas from Paris to Prague are taking for granted. Herewith, a sweep of some of the best baby gear we wish we could get from around the globe