Bedroom Makeover: A Kid’s Room Redo

With fall on the horizon, it’s time to clean up the clutter. Why not get the kids involved in a bit of a bedroom makeover?

If you’ve been meaning to do something new to their space (whether that means figuring out storage or just adding some sparkle), interior redecorating can easily become fun projects for kids. Blogger mom Scarlet Paolicchi, of Family Focus Blog, has a few ideas to get you started.

Start with Storage
“Storage is essential for putting away toys and clothes and keeping your child’s bedroom tidy,” Paolicchi says. Truth! She suggests placing storage at your child’s height, “to encourage them to tidy their rooms themselves.”

Create a blackboard
“Chalkboard paint is available in most DIY stores, so you can make your child’s very own blackboard,” she tells us. Help your child paint their door, wall, or even dresser to turn everyday pieces of furniture into opportunities for creativity. Buy an array of chalk so they can really get creative.

Get Glowing
“A sky at night scene can be easily replicated in your child’s room using glow in the dark paint or store-bought stickers in the shape of stars,” according to Paolicchi. The great thing about the stickers is that your child can help put them up easily, no matter their age. She suggests putting the stars in the shape of actual constellations for a galactic learning opportunity.

Create Collections
“You can encourage your child to indulge in their collection by making space for them in their room through shelving or dedicated floor space,” says Paolicchi. “You can even hang collections like postcards from string attached to a windowsill or door.”