9 Perfect Beauty Moments from Your Favorite Cult Movies to Inspire Your Next Makeover

When I was growing up, I would watch the Star Wars films and desperately attempt to twist my stubborn hair into Princess Leia’s iconic side-buns. I occasionally sport the hairstyle to this day, but never quite nail the “intergalactic babe” look. However, thanks to this type of film-fueled beauty influence, movies can serve a purpose beyond Netflix procrastination binges. Everybody can find fresh inspiration in films for their hairstyles, makeup, and even manicures.

I find cult films in particular to be especially ripe for beauty inspiration because they tend to steer away from the norms of the society in which they were created, catering to a specific subculture instead. That means all of us beauty junkies get a peek into styles that we might not have ever even considered to before watching — broadening beauty horizons through the silver screen, if I may.

Whether it is set in a dystopian future, a cliquey high school, or even an imaginary world with David Bowie wreaking havoc, a cult-classic is a perfect source for beauty inspiration. Here are a few cult films whose beauty lessons really take the cake.