The Sky’s The Limit With This Rainbow-Themed Birthday Party

Dreams really do come true somewhere over the rainbow—especially for one five-year-old who recently got a delightful rainbow-themed birthday party thrown in her honor. When you’re not tied down to a color scheme, you can really go wild with creativity for every aspect of the party: food, décor, activities and party favors. The results, especially in the dessert department, are sure to get a lot of big wows from the kids and adults alike.

Crafty maven Agnes Hsu, founder of Hello, Wonderful, created a Technicolor dream for her little girl and a handful of friends recently when she threw her a rainbow and fairy party (complete with this adorable fairy house craft). The results had us wishing Pinterest were around when we were little little!

Nichola Hunt

Cocktail aficionado. Large dog breed lover. Fondness of summer dresses. Hater of pickles. Born in London, based in Bali.

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