Spruce Up Your Kids’ Rooms With These Adorable Home Décor Ideas

The spring season is all about rebirth, change and letting in the sunlight, which we welcome wholeheartedly—especially after the long, drawn-out winter that we just experienced. Spring cleaning—letting out the old and embracing the new—has become an annual activity for many families. Its origins actually date back to the Persian practice of khooneh tekouni, where households would spruce up their homes, replacing the worn-out with something representative of the warming temperatures.

Nowadays, it’s only too easy to make a change. And with homes being a sanctuary and a space that reflects our attitudes, redecorating your child’s room can be yearly occurrence, as both their bodies and aesthetic are constantly evolving. Needless to say, we are not suggesting a complete overhaul. But swapping a few key items—like a chair, table, bed or bedding—can do wonders to improve a kid’s outlook. More importantly, it may just prompt them to keep their room tidy.