The seafaring tale gets a 3D conversion

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a decade since a fretting clownfish named Marlin first braved the open waters of Finding Nemo. The film’s success, felt by Pixar, pet stores, and the Australian Tourism Commission alike, was attributed to its beauty, its characters—made memorable with quirks ranging from short-term memory loss to vegetarianism—and its compelling storyline, which offers a soft warning against helicopter parenting that extends “Beyond the Sea” (Bobby Darin’s version of which plays during the credits). Marlin’s overbearing ways are easily excused, though, given the film’s portrayal of the ocean as a wondrous yet truly terrifying place.

Images as pleasant as Marlin’s billowy sea anemone of a home and as menacing as the various toothy, predatory grins encountered on his sojourn to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney get a boost today, when the film returns to theaters in 3D. Disney seems to have taken Dory’s advice to “just keep swimming,” as this re-release follows that of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, while another watery adventure, The Little Mermaid 3D, is set to premiere next fall