The Best Bronzers For Attaining That Perfect Faux Glow

Ahhh, spring. With it comes longer days, gorgeous blooms…and lots of exposed skin. There’s nothing more exhilarating than the bright sunny days of this glorious season, and all the fun wardrobe changes that go along with it: bright colors and prints, sleeveless tops and sandals, diaphanous skirts and simple sundresses. The only downside is facing up to your wan complexion, which hasn’t seen the sun in nearly six months.

Although summer is still months away, you can fake a bit of warmth and color with bronzer–a year ’round secret that most makeup artists swear by for any skin tone. It brightens up your features, too.

While you’re updating your closet, consider updating your makeup bag, too. The right formula (and there are sooo many to choose from) will leave you looking tawny, healthy, and glowing. Just remember to layer it over a moisturizer with SPF–there’s no need to risk skin damage when getting a faux glow is this easy.