How to Make Applesauce Healthy (and Exciting!) For Your Kids

We’ve all heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” What about the apple’s less charismatic cousin, applesauce? Unfortunately, a lot of store-bought applesauce has added sugar on top of the naturally present sugar in apples making it, nutritionally speaking, more of a dessert than a snack. But a way to keep applesauce healthy for your child is to make it yourself! That way you can avoid added sugar all together while still providing your little ones with the fiber and vitamin C that apples also have. What’s even better about making applesauce at home is that you can create interesting flavor pairings. Long gone are the days of a one note (sugary) bowl of applesauce! 6 ingredients can give you 3 entirely different flavors like lemon zest applesauce or pear vanilla applesauce. Pretty soon we’ll all be saying, “A bowl of applesauce a day keeps the doctor away!”

(Or something like that.)