The Best Arm Exercises for Women, Just In Time for Awards Season

Toned arms are a must-have accessory for awards season (as Sofia Vergara’s trainer has demonstrated), and while we’re not prepping for the Oscars, we are thinking about the bare styles of spring already. Going sleeveless means muscle, and lots of it.

There are dozens of methods for toning arm muscles, and we’ve looked to some of the hottest trainers and fitness gurus to round up the 10 best arm exercises for women, all aimed at firming up those biceps and triceps. For some of these exercises you need nothing more than the weight of your body and some serious grit, for others a few simple pieces of gear are required. All of them yield fierce results–so fierce that you might be asked, as Physique 57’s Tanya Becker likes to say, “do you have a license for those guns?”. Click through the above slideshow for 10 moves that will completely reshape your arms.