Hit ‘Em With Your Best Shot With This Adorable Valentine’s Day Craft

Chubby little cupid is the ultimate Valentine’s Day icon and his trademark symbol is the arrow, which he cheekily shoots at people to inspire love. So though we adore all things involving chocolate, flowers, and pink hearts, why not do a fun craft with the kids that commemorates a favorite symbol of Valentine’s Day?

Clafoutis Creations’s children’s party stylist Anne Liegard Murat and interior decorator/blogger Marie-Laure Pham-Bouwens collaborated on the most adorable DIY kit for creating 10 whimsical Valentines in the shape of an arrow (with a personal message attached, of course). With easy instructions and all the necessary tools to create these fun and unique Valentines, your kids will have a ball crafting for the lovers’ holiday.

“Children have such big hearts; they love to send dozens of Valentines each year! Marie-Laure and I have had fun thinking of an amusing way for them to play Cupid–by actually having them play Cupid!” says Anne. “For Valentine’s Day they can pop one in an envelope as an alternative to a card, use it as a bookmark, attach it to a gift as a tag or decoration. It is a sweet thing to receive…without sugar! The recipient–family, friends, grandparents, godparents, teachers–will be delighted to get something original and handmade with love. ”

See how to assemble these kits and grab one for your own little Cupid here.