Surprise ‘Em All This Year With Neon Easter Eggs!


Pretty pale pinks, blues and yellows seem to be the annual Easter color palette. Shake things up this year by going neon. Yes, neon! Celebrate Easter this year with loud, poppy, neon eggs.

Achieving these vibrant colors is way easier than you think. Here’s our trip: instead of tried and true McCormick primary color food coloring, pick up a pack of McCormick Neon food dye on your next trip to the market. You’re left with brilliant, bright Easter eggs that are a far cry from last year’s. See how-to instructions below.

What You’ll Need:

– White eggs
– Vinegar (helps the food dye really stick consistently to your egg!)
– Paper Towels, for blotting
– Bowl
– Spoon
– Neon food coloring
– Pin board for drying (click here to learn how to make this drying rack for eggs!). If you don’t have time to make a pin board, carefully rest eggs back in their cartons after blotting.

1. Prepare dye bath: Add one teaspoon of white vinegar and 10-15 drops of neon food coloring per cup of hot water (we recommend dyeing a few at a time, so 3-4 cups should suffice). Stir to keep the color vibrant and evenly distributed.
2. Dye egg: Submerge egg in dye bath about 2-5 minutes – checking regularly with a spoon until desired shade is reached. The longer the egg is in there, the deeper the dye job!
3. Dry: Blot egg with a paper towel before resting on drying rack or back in carton.
4. Decorate! Or just stare at your newly gorgeous neon eggs…