Summer Playlist: Cooking Music That You Can Boogie To

Busy in the kitchen these days whipping up all of your favorite summer recipes? Don’t forget to put a soundtrack to your culinary efforts.

We asked Vancouver mom Melissa Carr, founder of The Thirties Grind, what summer tunes she loves listening to, and thought they would go perfectly with a little chopping and sautéing.

Opt for the slower songs while you are getting started with your mis en place, and get to the progressively faster and funkier melodies as you’re concocting new, adventurous dishes!

1. Go to Me, Jordan Klassen. “Written and performed by a local musician, this song is just so whimsical and romantic. I love having this on in the background when the husband and I enjoy a glass of wine on our front porch.”

Food pairing: A great summer cocktail, like sangria.

2. Ho Hey, The Lumineers. “I love the chorus of this song. My kids and I belt it at the top of our voices and point to each other, singing, ‘I belong with you, you belong with me…sweetheart.'”

Food pairing: Homemade mac and cheese.

3. Get Lucky, Daft Punk, featuring Pharrell. “Oh, the irony…’we’re up all night till the sun/we’re up all night to get some/we’re up all night to have fun/we’re up all night to get lucky.’ Just because I’m not out partying all night doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a song about it!”

Food pairing: Aphrodisiac smoothie.

4. I Love It, Icona Pop. “I LOVE this song! Whether we’re driving in the car, kitchen dancing after a few drinks with friends or going for a run, the high tempo beat just instantly elevates my mood. Instant party starter.”