Strawberries Are Here! 10 Dessert Recipes in Honor of the Occasion

In my opinion, the real start of spring is the resurgence of gorgeous, fresh produce at the farmer’s market after many dormant months. After an entire season of eating heavy food, tons of root veggies and decadent desserts (the one upshot to winter layers, of course, is their midsection-camouflaging ability), it’s such a treat to lighten up all over with crunchy fresh salads, fragrant herbs and loads of berries.

Strawberries, loaded with Vitamin C, antioxidants and cancer-busting Ellagic acid, are in season starting in April, and when I spy those gorgeous ruby beauties I stock my fridge and start using them at practically every meal. Sweet, textured, a touch tart and in perfect harmony with so many other flavors, strawberries are a dream if you’re looking for a colorful touch to finish up a meal.