Get Ready to Beat the Heat With These Chic Warm-Weather Styles

It’s not always easy to achieve the hairstyle you want as temperatures rise. Blow-drying can be a hard sell on warm days. If you manage a blowout in the sweltering temperatures, the odds are against a long-lasting look as the day wears on–and wears on your hair, creating dryness and frizz.

“Blow-drying hair in the summer can leave you with a puffy mess,” agrees Edward Tricomi, Co-Founder of Warren Tricomi Salons. But if you’re going to do it, do it the right way. Tricomi loves Mason Pearson brushes, but a good round brush will do. When you’re done blowing out your hair, switch the air to cool and blast all over for a minute or two. “When you’re using hot air, it can be difficult to tell if all the hair is dry,” explains Tricomi. And if it’s not, any moisture left will cause frizz.

Still don’t feel like pulling out the dryer? Here are the products you need for attaining four simply chic (and just plain simple) styles for humid days.