Sarugaku Café


Address: B1F Daikanyama Post Office Building, Tokyo , JP
Phone: +81 03 3496 8900

Sarugaku Café is one of Japan’s up-and-coming coffee shops, sheltering coffee connoisseurs and locavore lovers from the commerciality of Starbucks. With beans from Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Kenya, Sarugaku offers a range of the very best, from a light and spicy roast to a dark and robust one. You can sample them all before ordering a cup with your milk on the side, as coffee snobs will tell you it should be! If you are craving something sweeter, try an iced coffee served with two snowballs of vanilla ice cream, or the coffee parfait with globs of coffee jelly. Don’t be fooled by the decoy sign for Caffè Foglio at the entrance—it’s actually the wonderful Sarugaku Café that awaits!