Purse Organizing Ideas

I’m always looking for organizing ideas, especially when it comes to purse organizers. My bag has forever been something of a free-for-all—with lip balms competing against pens and hand sanitizers for space. But once I had kids, it became an even bigger mess: diapers, crayons, and Matchbox cars are now thrown into the mix. I’m not a huge fan of Ziploc bags, with their un-green implications, but you really can’t beat clear pouches in terms of purse organization. So I was stoked when I discovered Truffle bags, a chic accessories line (created by two moms) entirely devoted to clear pouches lined with stylish canvas details. “As two multitasking moms, toting multiple bags and items for ourselves and our kids, we were exasperated by all the time spent digging around for our lost keys, phone, or lip balm. We needed a solution that was reusable, versatile, highly functional and great looking,” explains cofounder Maria Harrington, a mom of two. Read on to see our interview with Truffle’s cofounders Sarah Cusumano (a mom of three) and Harrington.

Elizabeth Street: Why make the Truffle bags clear?
Sarah Cusumano: We strongly believed that clear is critical. To be able to see what’s inside your bag is half the battle of feeling organized. That’s why we launched with a line of clear pouches made from luxuriously soft phthalate-free PVC. We designed our purse organizers in sizes that fit all your essentials but can be moved easily from one bag to the next. All our pouches lay flat for storage, but are impressively expandable when in use. We use trims that are easy to clean but are available in on-trend styles and colors. And our hardware is all high quality, custom made polished nickel, so that it can stand up to its many uses.

ES: Why the name Truffle?
Maria Harrington: We believe that inside is everything. It’s the inside of a chocolate truffle that is the most delightful. Whether toting a beautiful designer handbag or a durable canvas carry-all, the inside of our bags can be just as lovely, functional, or put-together as their outside appearance.

ES: What do you keep in your own Truffle bags?
SC: I keep our French Grey Petite Clarity Pouch in my coveted red Goyard tote as a catch-all for receipts, checks I need to deposit, business cards, and pens. I also really love our Classic Clarity Pouch for when I go to my sons’ baseball or soccer games and don’t want to take my entire purse. My Truffle pouch safely stores my iPhone, keys, wallet, and a lipstick—I toss it in my catch-all canvas tote and it’s easy to find.
MH: My daily go-to is our Document Pouch, which stores all of my important papers, notes, cards, and magazine tear-sheets. It moves seamlessly from my tote to my home office to Truffle meetings. I also love our new Grand Clarity Pouch in Cobalt for storing my iPad and all of its cords and accessories. Over spring break I know I’ll take my iPad to the beach and now I don’t have to worry about it getting wet.