Postcard from St. Tropez

A look into a globetrotter’s go-to getaway

Parisian mom of two Capucine Gougenheim Geagea has been to so many places all over the world, that she’s created an online magazine for travellers, PLUME VOYAGE, and a spinoff label, CAPSULE DE PLUME. For the last five years, Geagea has been taking her family to St. Tropez, where her husband Wahib competes in Polo tournaments and her children Adrien, 6, and Anaïs, 9 months, love to swim. She says that April and September are the best months to visit, because there are fewer people around, but that the family also goes during the summer.  great for the kids because “the weather is beautiful and the landscape has remained untouched. There’s the sea, the beaches, and all the sorts of activities.” Best of all? The fuits and vegetables are “sun-drenched and delicious.” Look below to see how she spends her time there!


Geagea and her husband love to take the kids to Le Restaurant des Salins, where they “enjoy dining with [their] feet in the sand at the downstairs restaurant.” Also great for kids is the pizzeria upstairs, where “the oven-baked pizzas are delicious.” If they’re leaving the kids behind, the pair heads to Le Banh Hoi for “delicious Thai cuisine,” or to La Faucado à la Garde Freinet, a “very good provençal restaurant in the middle of a lush garden.”


“We usually rent a house for long period of the summer from Agence Panorama. Agnès always finds us fantastic houses.” For a romantic getaway, they sometimes stay at the Pan Dei on the Place des Lices, and at La Tartane on the Route de Salins. And this year, she discovered La Réserve in Ramatuelle, which offers houses for rent that include hotel services, as well as a spa.


In a typical day, the family has breakfast while viewing the Massif des Maures. Then, they go for a quick swim in the pool, or play games in the living room if it is too hot out. For lunch, they go to a friends house, or else have the friends to theirs. In the afternoons, Adrien plays tennis and making sandcastles while his sister Anaïs swims in the ocean. Sometimes they all go out for a day on the boat and dock at La Bastide Blanche, a “marvelous remote beach only accessible by sea.” At sunset, they “happily retreat to the calm of the mountain at the Garde Freinet village.” On other days, the family rides at the Polo Club de Gassin, which offers riding and polo classes foe children six and over. There are also stunning walks to take: “La Réserve Ramatuelle offers ‘Nordic walks’ surrounding the hotel,” a great way to discover the “beautiful and intact” region.


“I love the shopping experience of Ramatuelle…This year I found L’Epicerie, a home decor boutique owned by two interiors designers from Alm.  The boutique offers ceramic dishware in brilliant colors, poetic objects created by artist Véronique Pignatta, and also their own designs like this embroidered carte du monde for the children’s room and lampshades covered in Liberty fabric.” Geagea also goes to Rondini for “his magnificent leather sandals, made by hand in the atelier adjoining,” and L’Espadrille Tropézienne for great espadrilles and children’s shoes.