Oscar Crafts to Keep Kids Entertained While You Watch the Red Carpet

With Oscar Sunday mere days away, we’re sure you’re in full party planning mode, finishing your grocery shopping and stocking the bar. Planning your outfit and watching the films you missed.

What about the kids though? While you’re stuffing the mushrooms and prepping the shrimp cocktail as you wait for your guests’ arrival, your little ones are going to be searching for some entertainment. Instead of plopping them in front of the tube, set them up with some Academy Award-focused crafts that have the added bonus of making them feel useful. If you choose wisely, their designs might even contribute to the success of the bash. Got a bet going among your pals for who’s going to snag Best Actress? You’ll love the craft idea from Babble, a glittery and glitzy envelope to announce the winner.

How about having them give you a hand in creating fancy guest name labels for cups that’ll hold the boozy punch you’re making? Spoonful has the recipe for the punch, but we tell you how to make the decoration below.

If these two aren’t enough to keep them occupied and away from the chaos of the kitchen, find inspiration in one of the many other winter craft ideas in the slideshow above.

“And the Oscar Goes To…” Gold-Covered Envelopes
Glue or double-sided tape
Old envelope
Alphabet stickers and other embellishments
Head on over to Babble for directions on putting this cool craft together. Appropriate for ages 7-11.

Glamorous Punch Labels
Gold star-shaped stickers
Black Sharpie marker
Sturdy plastic cups
Glue stick, optional
Glitter, optional

This project couldn’t be simpler. Your kids will get a kick out of handing out the labeled cups as your partygoers begin arriving. If you’re not game for a potentially sticky situation, skip the glue stick and glitter and just give your magic marker-wielding brood a guest list and allow them to create the name tags that’ll get affixed to the glasses.