10 Family-Friendly Spring Break Destinations

There’s something about a bitterly cold winter that makes us extra itchy for spring. This year the polar vortex has reared it’s ugly head one too many times for our family. We’re heading to Florida for spring break in a few weeks, to rest and relax on the beach and luxuriate in the lack of layers, snow and stress about shoveling snow.

Figuring out the best kind of vacation for your family can take a bit of time—if you’re beach people, it’s pretty easy. Find a resort, make sure they have cribs and book your tickets. Adventure buffs with older kids can hit a national park and have a total blast, while artsy types might prefer to pick a cosmopolitan city with great museums, restaurants, and some serious insider tips on babysitters.

We always flee for the beach in early spring, as it’s the most surefire way to make sure everyone is happy. My toddler daughter loves the sea and sand, my husband and I both get our doses of vitamin D, and we can all enjoy each other’s company in a nice change of scenery. For us, location is key: We don’t want to drive too much, or wrangle that often with a stroller. Renting a house is preferable to a hotel, as there’s a lot more space for playing and sleeping, and cooking meals is an option–those room service and breakfast buffet tabs add up quickly.