One More Story: Friendship

What do you do when a penguin shows up at your door? How do you cheer up your pal when things don’t go his way? Can you face your fear of dragons together? From different color spots to toothless hippos, all these stories celebrate the wonder of having a friend.—Anna Pellicioli


About One More Story

In our house, the best time is story time. No matter what the day has been like, or where in the world we are, when we get ready to read a book together, our bodies quiet down and our hearts are wiped clean. We are all paying attention. In One More Story, I want to share some of our favorites with you, from our shelf to yours. All of the books are picture books, to be read aloud and looked at. Some of them are classics and others newer titles, but all deserve a timeless spot in your collection. I have found a bedtime story is the one promise you can always keep. These are the ones we are always happy to read, over and over again.