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MY STYLE: Modern, clean, classic

I LOVE LOS ANGELES BECAUSE: It’s bright and sunny most days, so kids can always play outside—whether it be in the park, soccer, tennis, swimming, or golf. I love that we’re close to the beach. You can look to one side and see the ocean, and look to the other side and see the mountains.

Polo Ralph Lauren

As the story goes, the Polo empire began when young Ralph Lauren tired of his job as a menswear salesman and decided to start his own line of neckties and the like. Now known around the world for his uniquely American aesthetic, Ralph Lauren’s brand is truly a household name. And while the company has countless locations across the country, Lara Shriftman frequents the West Hollywood shop on North Robertson Boulevard.


Mr. Chow

“This is the first place my son ate dinner,” says Lara Shriftman of Mr. Chow, which specializes in elegant Chinese dishes. When the namesake owner left China to set up shop in England, he managed to nail an approachable, east-meets-west rendition of his homeland’s cuisine. Now, Mr. Chow’s restaurants are just as popular in the states, where chic crowds amass for the sliced pork with chili peppers, shark fin soup, and scallion pancakes. Thankfully for Lara Shriftman, some dishes are kid-friendly, too. “Lucas loves Mr. Chow and has his birthday here every year,” says Shriftman. “He calls it ‘Mr. Chow Chow!’”


Petersen Automotive Museum

No city needs a 300,000 square foot museum wholly dedicated to motorized vehicles, but in 1994, the Peterson Car Museum was founded to be just that. Today, the popular four-story mecca—displaying over 150 cars and motor bikes—inspires children, moms, and dads alike. In addition to housing everything from celebrity-owned cars and racecars to vintage motorcycles, Peterson also encompasses the May Family Discovery Center, which uses automotive artifacts to spark kids’ educational interest in science and engineering at large.


Malibu Beach

Anyone who’s listened to the Beach Boys, watched Charlie’s Angels or Gidget is likely to associate this California hotspot with good vibrations. When visiting the expansive sands, you won’t be surprised to see prime real estate teeming with wetsuits, but you might be surprised to see the many other activities offered. Namely, the affixed California State Parklands go above and beyond your expectations—as horseback riding, hiking, and mountain-biking (Pacific Coast Highway is especially popular with cyclists) are all offered on the premises.

Beverly Hills Hotel

We’d love to lounge for days on end on the green-and-white-striped pool chairs at this iconic Hollywood hotel. Despite its “throwback” aesthetic (pink stucco, marble bathtubs, you name it), the Beverly Hills Hotel is well equipped to attract today’s hippest crowds—kids included. “We’ll have Easter egg hunts and staycations here,” says Lara Shriftman. “It’s our home away from home. We love the pool and fountain coffee shop.”