Casa Del Mar


Address: 1910 Ocean Way, Santa Monica , US
Phone: 310 581 5533

“Come live on the edge,” boasts this hotel’s website. The edge of the beach, that is. Located literally right on the sand of the Santa Monica shoreline, the views at Casa Del Mar, known locally as, “The Pink Palace,” are one of a kind. Its “Live Well Again” program offers yoga and fitness classes right on the beach, and you can even surf with the hotel restaurant chef for a small fee. Lunch is included, of course. If you’re not a guest of the hotel, you can join Club Casa del Mar and gain access to the pool, fitness center, and wellness activities. Gigi Grazer goes to The Polo Lounge for what some consider the best martinis. Grazer goes further, describing her entire stay with her family as “the best three weeks of [her] life.”