Jones Wood Foundry


Address: 401 East 76th Street , New York , US
Phone: 212 249 2700

This pub and restaurant has deep roots in the United Kingdom, which is immediately made apparent by the Unionjack-upholstered couch at the back of the bar. “From the moment you open the doors, you feel as though you have escaped to London—or at least away from the Upper East Side,” says Chloe Epstein. Main dishes like haddock and chips and bangers and mash, plus sides like minted mushy peas and bubble and squeak, serve as additional reminders of the old mother country, while exposed brick walls and wooden floors add to the intimate ambiance. The communal, family-style tables and large bar with stools covered in burlap sacks help too, and ensure that not only will you leave full, but also perhaps with some new friends.