Jill’s Corner: Moey

Do you ever play kiddie-music for your nuggets only to have your ears bleed? When I blare XM33 First Wave, I usually end up having to endure incessant begging to return to Radio Disney—which inevitably turns into a road trip radio war. Well, suffer no more. Moey (a.k.a. Upper East Side yummy mummy Melissa Levis) is an award-winning off-Broadway songwriter with music that the media seems to love. Time Out New York Kids reviewed her music as “entertaining and educational tunes reminiscent of Schoolhouse Rock” while the New York Times called it “pop music that parents can enjoy too.”

And the Brown graduate is now throwing two Princess Balls on April 23rd (at 11am and 3pm) for moms and kiddies who want to dance, play, and feel fabulous—inside and out. “My goal is to entertain kids while empowering them with the message that princesses don’t have to be helpless maidens,” she explains. “Instead, they can choose to be helpful heroines who can wake themselves with their own magical kisses, slay a dragon and even rescue a prince!” The royal rager will also feature The Ballooniac, Wendy the Pipecleaner Lady, and Bitten by a Zebra photography—with deluxe décor by Set to Celebrate.

And If you can’t make the glittering fiesta, you and your sparkle-loving princesses can come hear her rock and take music classes at the New York Junior League. Moey’s Music Party classes works with infants, toddlers, preschoolers and each one has a party theme that introduces children to instruments, songs, dances, puppets, letters, and fairytales. Now your car rides can be happily ever after.